Domestic / Divorce

Domestic / Divorce

 The suspicion that your spouse may be cheating is a painful thought. If you have a suspicion that your spouse is unfaithful, you may be right.  

Read below some of the signs you might think are happening.


1. Changes in intimacy: A distinct increase or decrease in intimacy, affection levels, and/or sexual preferences may indicate infidelity.


2. Suspicious phone habits: A spouse that hides a cell phone or is secretive about their call logs and text messages may be cheating.


3. Changes in appearance: A marked change in style of dress, intimate wear, 

and/or personal hygiene can be a clue.

4. Suspicious internet use: Much like phone habits, a cheating spouse may be overly secretive when it comes to their browser history and general internet and computer habits, they try to cover any tracks from getting caught.

5. Changes in work routine: It may seem like a norm but for the spouse that is cheating that suddenly needs to “work late” or “go to a conference” frequently is a sign of infidelity.

6. Changes in bathing habits: A spouse that showers right when they get home, switches cologne or perfume, or changes their grooming habits can be a sign of infidelity, try to cover the smell of another person.

We have conducted more than 50 cases.   Our highly skilled licensed investigator obtain the best evidence to use in your court case or to have closure in this tragic moment you are going through.