Quest Private Investigations video tapes of any activity within view of the public provides an accurate description of the physical capabilities of the claimant or subject performing daily tasks. The value of videotaped activities includes viewing by the treating physician, which may be in direct conflict with a person’s description of his or her limitations. In addition there is obvious value when videotaped evidence is used for proving at court trial or any hearings from both parties.  

Quest Private Investigations makes every effort, based on pre-surveillance investigation, to learn as much as we can so that a determination can be made as to the best day and time to capture activity on videotape. We vary the days and times when surveillance is conducted to provide best and total picture of a subjects activities.


Our staff and investigators are all licensed with the state and have many years of combined experience in many types of surveillance. All our investigators use the state of the art HD video cameras as well as hidden body worn cameras that permit video inside a business or other public place to be video taped,  all video is date and time stamped.

Our case managers coordinate and insure that regular updates from the field investigators are secured daily in order to provide you with timely information every step of the way. We provide a face recognition photo to make sure we have the right subject when our investigators are out in the field.